If you haven’t jumped on the Uber / Lyft bandwagon yet, then there is no better time than now! Even if you don’t have a car, you can still “work” for Uber eats! If you happen to live in a fairly large city, where walking could be possible, they also allow you to use a bicycle or scooter if your city is a little more spread out, or to give you a wider coverage area to work. While driving for Uber or Lyft certainly will not make you rich, it can,and should, be added to your routine as a way to increase your cash flow and leverage your time.

Most drivers I have talked with, who work this gig full time, drive with both companies and use both apps simultaneously to make the most out of the time they spend on the road. When I first moved to Los Angeles, I did just that… signed up with both companies, excited that I would be able to work part time, or just when I could squeeze in an hour or two while going to school. I waited a couple weeks for the background check to clear when I found out I couldn’t even drive my car! It was sad and frustrating! I had a new car, a 2014 Chevy Spark, but it only has a total or four seatbelts, and in order for your vehicle to be eligible, it needs to have a total of five seatbelts. Uber automatically set me up with their Uber eats program. While Lyft has me as an active “driver” with an ineligible car. 

My goal is to get rich. I mean, high cash flow of 160k or more with a high net worth of at least 2 million. I want financial freedom so I will be able to give freely, travel (first class), live in a nice house in a nice neighborhood, drive a car that I love, and many more reasons. Driving for Uber or Lyft is NOT going to make me, or anyone else rich… At least not on alone. But here’s the thing, the more you can maximize your earning potential, and leverage your time, the better. For me, I realized that driving for Uber eats is actually more productive, than studying at home. I have a couple textbooks or mandatory reading materials for school on audible. I also use audible for personal development, so being stuck in traffic is a good thing, because I can study and get a lot of reading out of the way, while making a little extra money in the process, I actually can focus more on studying if I have less financial worries hanging over my head.

Continuous learning and self-improvement is a “rich habit” as described by Tom Corley and a “success habit” as described by Jack Canfield. Self-improvement should be done every day. So, even if you are not a college student, there are still things you could focus on… self-confidence, learning a new language, public speaking, communication skills, sales training, just to name a few. You can pretty much find a book on any subject you can think of, that can teach you the skills necessary to reach any personal goal you have. By driving for Uber eats, you can choose any amount of time you want to dedicate to self-improvement or studying, (I give myself two hours). This does a few things, first, obviously you will be earning a little extra income while you learn. But second, you are giving yourself the solitude and “go-ahead” to learn in your vehicle. If you are struggling financially, you may not let yourself take that French class, even though you’ve always wanted to learn French, because having food on the table is more important than learning French, which will not help put food on the table. However, if you are making money while you are learning, then going out to “work” becomes exciting, even if you only make $20 a day… you would be getting paid $20 a day to learn French, or whatever skill you choose. Eventually, all those skills you taught yourself for fun are going to be useful and bring you to what you are passionate about and therefore you will be able to find your fortune. So while driving for Uber eats will not make you rich directly, it may very well play a hand in the bigger picture of your overall future wealth.

For traditional ridesharing, both Uber and Lyft are very similar and in fact, most drivers I know drive for both companies in tandem. But here are a couple pros of working for these companies:

If you don’t have a vehicle, both companies offer the option of rent to buy a vehicle. They both partner with a car rental agency to do so. You can even just rent a car for a day or two and see if you even like driving without having the commitment of actually buying a vehicle. With their drivers’ app, you can set the location of where you are going to be driving, and give rides to people along that route. So, for example, if you have an hour-long commute, why not put in the location you are headed and make an extra $20 to $50 on your way to and from work, school, or back-and-forth from grandma's house every day?

Another reasons to drive for these companies is the sign on bonus! If you register through someone, you get a nice bonus… I didn’t get one myself, because I went in on my own, without a reference. Since I just moved to LA, I didn’t know anyone who drove any company yet. Because I didn’t give a name, I didn’t get a bonus. Then, of course, the very next week I met my neighbors who drive with both companies… Wah-wah… You can click here to drive for Uber to make sure that you get your bonus (my name is Tara Jorgensen)… or you can click here to drive for Lyft… or you can do both!

Just as with Uber eats, when you are driving passengers I think it is imperative to look at how doing this can help you with the bigger picture. Because even though, yes… you can use this as a way to purchase a vehicle if you don’t already have one, and yes… you can turn your commute into a revenue stream, and yes… you can make a few extra bucks whenever you want, and yes… you will get a bonus just for signing up, but none of these things will make you rich. A “rich habit” or otherwise “success habit” that can be built upon however is networking. Corley states that "79% of rich people network 5 hours or more a week, versus 16% of the poor". This is in reference to building relationships with people who have the ability to improve your life. So meeting new people who can add value, and then maintaining those relationships is the real value you get from driving passengers. If you drive for either of these companies you will be meeting many new people who may just be the person who introduces you to your dream job, or teaches you how to break into acting, or gets you that audition. Perhaps you are in network marketing, now you can have a constant flow of people you can prospect to be part of your team. The opportunities in life are endless if you know the right people, or can build a network of people. By meeting people and networking this way, you really open the doors to open communication with people you otherwise may never communicate with or cross paths with in your everyday life. Learn how to use this to your advantage, you never know who you might meet!

Can’t sleep, why not take a drive, give a ride or two, make a few extra bucks. With the ease of driving for these companies, it really makes no sense NOT to sign up as a driver. Even if you only drive two times a year, it’s like having a ready supply of extra income at the push of a button on your phone. You literally can make extra money whenever you want!

Uber has more options because of their Uber eats and Uber rush program. So, if you don’t have a car, the car you have doesn’t qualify, you don’t feel safe taking passengers in your car, or whatever other reason there is for not being able to drive passengers around, you can still make use of this app and this form of self-employment. Lyft doesn’t have a similar program… yet.

Another perk of driving for Uber, you can get health insurance, discounts on vehicle maintenance, cell phone costs, you even get discounts at restaurants, because they are partnered with so many for their delivery service. All-in-all, these companies offer everyone a way to make extra money on demand. In addition to merely making a few extra bucks, you can use the time spent driving (or walking, bicycling, or scootering) to develop and cultivate successful habits in your life that will bring success and possibly substantial monetary rewards into your life.

Remember, it is the habits that we establish and the things that we do every day that will ultimately dictate our life in the future. We need to figure out how to maintain rich or successful habits if we ourselves wish to be rich and successful!

Become an Uber Driver Here
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